It's either hit or miss with this game.

User Rating: 7.8 | Killer7 GC
Killer7 might be one of the strangest yet most enjoyable games with intense action around. There are many things to like about Killer7 but there are also a lot of things that might turn off some players from enjoying this great game.

Killer7's gameplay gives new meaning to the phrase "ride the rails gameplay" as this game actually has you press a button to move and your character just follows a set path. On the plus side is that it is almost impossible to get lost in the game. But on the negative side is that this really limits what you can do. The only time you get to choose where to go is when you come to a split pathway and you can choose which way to go. You also can shoot in first person perspective but that's about everything you can do except the constant puzzles that you come across. The AI of the enemies is also another hit or miss catagory. Some people would say that it's realistic to the story as you are fighting mindless brain-washed terrorists that explode on contact with you. Others would say they are just plain dumb because they usually run straight towards without even trying to dodge your shots.

Graphics are impressive. I would decribe it as a combination of cel-shaded/anime style graphics combined with Resident Evil 4. And they perfectly compliment the characters style, backround stories, and the deep, amazing story of the game. There's nothing you can't like except for the people that want a photo realistic game.

The sound is good but repetitive. Enemies make the same sounds everytime they die and your characters say the same phrases everytime they perform a one-shot kill. However, in the cut scenes, the character's voiceovers fit perfectly with their personalities and further deepens the plot.

Overall, Killer7 is and interesting game for people looking for something out of the ordinary. And also people that are willing to atleast spend an hour of boredom playing the game as the first level is near pointless and very long. But after that, you find that Killer7 is a deep, engaging game that's hard to put down as you try to find out how the story unfolds.