This is a game for people who can really think,I mean Really thinks!

User Rating: 8.9 | Killer7 GC
Killer 7 is for Gamers who can appreciate this masterpiece,it is not for punk kids who think they are old enough to play any M rated game! I loved this game for it's unique style,story,and characters.People who can't appreciate this game are just plain ignorant,they think that all Capcom games are just plain about surviving from zombies (Resident evil series).I recall a certain amount of Capcom games that weren't all about killing zombies,*cough* Megaman,Viewtiful Joe.In conclusion Killer 7 is a complicated game that takes video games to a whole new level,not only does it have a great storyline,but it has puzzles that will make your mind bend!

Bad:Too short for this great story,I wanted more!