If Resident Evil expirienced a syncretism with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the result would be close to Killer 7.

User Rating: 7.8 | Killer7 GC
Killer 7 is quite possibly one of the most interesting, annoying, self indulgent games I've ever expirienced, reaching new heights of completely unnecessary excesses in style and metaphor. The nature of the plot and the delivery draw the unavoidable comparison to Metal Gear Solid, but the scope of this comparison gives to much credit to Killer 7.

The plot at first glance appears hand picked from a jar of clichets as a terrorist group seems hell bent on preventing world peace, and only the Killer 7 can stop them...somehow. It sounds silly, but when playing the game the delivery of the story and twists will keep you enticed long after the gameplay has given you liver cancer.

Killer 7 follows some gameplay mechanics of Resident Evil, most notably finding the rooster keys and stone tablet fragments. Because your ammunition is unlimited, life is plentiful, and your character can move at a rapid trot, the pace is much faster than that of a RE game. However, this also kills the intensity, as enemies give themselves away. After the Audio cue, it's a simple task of pressing the R button, scanning your enemy, and either shooting the crap out of him or finding his "sweet" spot and shooting that. This gets tedious quickly, and is a weak platform for adding an rpg element of character development.

As the title would suggest, there are 7 personas that you can adopt during the game, each of which possesses a different set of skills and fighting styles. You can switch characters on the fly, so once again the possibility of adding a bit of intesntiy to the gameplay is scuttled in favor of speedy gameplay.

The audio is amusing to say the least, but gets repetitive in a number of spots. The enemies in the game give away their existence with a maniacal laugh, which would be fine and dandy, however you'll hear it about a million times. Furthermore, random noises are inserted at different points in the game with the intended purpose of heightening the tension. Instead it will probably just irritate the living crap out of you. Otherwise the audio is good, the music is acceptably ambient, and the voice acting is palletable. Guns sound good, and all of the typical bleeps and bloops and good.

The graphics are cell shaded, and add to the style and ambience of the game. The game didn't need this graphical style, but it only serves to make a more unique delivery system of drug induced environments and enemies.

There are two things that sum up Killer 7 for everybody thinking about purchasing this game. The first is that Killer 7 requires a great deal of patience. The second is that you should ignore the comparisons to Metal Gear Solid, and instead observe that if Resident Evil expirienced a syncretism with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the result would be close to Killer 7.