A game you may only want to play if your up for some strange Japanese storytelling and unique gameplay.

User Rating: 6.3 | Killer7 GC
I loved the thought of this game when I saw it was announced two years ago at E3. It looked stylish, violent, and diffrent. I was right. But as I started to play, I wondered why am I still playing this?

It's been a while and I don't remember the controls, but I'm pretty sure they were off a bit. Especially towards the start of the game, where they drom you into a world using diffrent characters that have diffrent abilities. Although you need to use these special moves, the tutorial is too short to be caught and you may get stuck trying to figure out how to work your character's magic.

The cool thing about this game are the number of characters that you can switch between, and each one has a unique ranges weapon. ( throwing stars, revolvers, shotguns...) But after a while killing the "Angles" starts seeming like a daily chore.

They style here is amazing. Smooth movements put with odd motions bring the creepy characters in one mans head to life with a brillant effect. But the gameplay lacks any real depth. Running through a track mission can become boring for many gamers, even myself. Capcom keeps making these different, stylish games ( Power Stone, Viewtiful Joe, ) with repetive and frustrating play, yet people (like me) keep buying them.

The graphics in Killer 7 for the most part are good, yet bland. And many times you are looking for details that are just not there.

The sounds are few and far between, except for the voice of you current character when they kill an ememy saying things like "f****d!" That's another thing that grows old. The characters have only one, (correct me if I'm wrong, but it may be two, I haven't played this since i sold it.)

So if your looking for a good story with plenty of violence, cursing, and strange Japanese going ons, then possibly rent this to see if you enjoy it. Then buy it. Don't make the same mistake I did and blow 50 bucks only to sell it a week later for only 18.