Killer Is Chess: GOLD SIDE and Other Chess Allusions in Killer Is Dead

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The second and final part of a detailed analysis of how chess motifs pervade Killer Is Dead's story, characters, and game design; In this installment, the bosses take center stage!

This one came out a bit late as I was more-or-less writing "LOVE & KILLer Is Dead" and the first part of "Killer Is Chess" in tandem. At over 7000 words, it's roughly twice the size of either of the previous articles, so I hope that makes the wait (for those of you that were waiting), worth it.

If you have the time, feel free to check out Part One:

or the article, "LOVE & KILLer Is Dead" for a look at how eroticism and murder intertwine and clash to produce a complex, if understated experience: