Blaster Combo.

User Rating: 6 | Killer Instinct XONE

Killer Instinct Ultra combo Edition

Killer Instinct is a fighting game, developed by double helix and published by microsoft, it's sort of a revamped version of the classic arcade game, featuring 2-D fights, and a simple and stylish combo system, that is easy for rookies to learn yet complex and deep for the hardcore fighting gamers.

The game features 8 fighters and 8 arenas, each fighter with unique treats and tricks, to match most gameplay styles, so far the game seems to be balanced with meters for how long a combo can be and the famous, combo breaker which is a guessing game of sorts, the gameplay is tight and feels pretty responsive, also you can find in the package a comprehensive tutorials that will teach you a lot about fighting games.

On the downside the game lacks in content as stated before with just 8 fighters and a few game modes, Killer Instinct seems just a taste of something bigger, although the game has a low price tag (free with a starter set of 1 rotatory character) or an ultra combo edition which features all fighters and alternate costumes, on the visual department,

Killer Instinct looks good, raw graphics are regular, but the animation and particle effects, really sells the presentation , the music department is a bit of a downside compared to the "killer cuts" of previous entries in the series.

On final comments, KI is a solid and easy to pick fighting game, yet deep and different from the rest, it has style but lacks the content to really show off what the series could really do.