Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED: Rengou vs. Z.A.F.T. Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Destiny Gundams

    Destiny gundams can be unlocked.

    Code Effect
    Beat Campaign Mode once Force Impulse Gundam
    Beat Campaign Mode 3 times Blast Impulse Gundam
    Beat Campaign Mode 2 times Sword Impulse Gundam
    Beat Campaign Mode 4 times Saviour Gundam
    Beat the game 13 times Kira Yamato (Destiny Version)
    Beat the game 12 times Stellar Loussier / Gaia Gundam
    Beat the game 11 times Yzak Joule (Destiny version) / Slash Zaku Phantom
    Beat the game 10 times Auel Neider / Abyss Gundam
    Beat the game nine times Dearka Elthman (Destiny version) / Gunner Zaku Warrior
    Beat the game eight times Sting Oakley / Chaos Gundam
    Beat the game seven times Rey Za Burrel / Blaze Zaku Phantom
    Beat the game six times Lunamaria Hawke / Gunner Zaku Warrior (Luna verion)
    Beat the game five times Zaku Warrior

    Contributed by: Babybandit 

  2. Extra Stage

    The extra stage is actually unlocked by not having to continue and getting the SEED (or SSS) rank which is more than 22,000 points and you get the extra stage as long as you achieve at the latest with the points from phase 9. (Whereas the current description says before phase 9 and doesnt mention that you can not continue)

    Code Effect
    No Continue, SSS (aka SEED) rank (>22,000 points) after stage 9 Extra Stage

    Contributed by: Goraishi 

  3. Destiny Pilots

    This is how you can unlock Destiny Pilots in order

    Code Effect
    Beat Campain Mode Once Shinn Asuka
    Beat Campain Mode Four Times Athrun Zala (Destiny)
    Beat Campain Mode Six Times Lunamaria Hawke
    Beat Campain Mode Seven Times Rey Za Burrel
    Beat Campain Mode Eight Times Sting Oakley
    Beat Campain Mode Nine Times Dearka Elsman (Destiny)
    Beat Campain Mode Ten Times Auel Neider
    Beat Campain Mode Eleven Times Yzak Joule (Destiny)
    Beat Campain Mode Tweleve Times Stellar Loussier
    Beat Campain Mode Thirteen Times Kira Yamato (Destiny)

    Contributed by: arcanum89 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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