What difficulty do you play on?

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I play on whatever the game suggests for me currently.

#2 Posted by YoshiYogurt (5978 posts) -
I play at 5 or 6. Anything above 6.3ish and I'll die.
#3 Posted by gavinlee999 (8 posts) -
i usually play on difficulties 6-8 but the rewards still arent as good as i hoped.... and on 8 im usually orne chow.. dem ornes get quite a speed boost on that difficulty
#4 Posted by IAMSHAWN (180 posts) -

I play on around 3.0

#5 Posted by Nagoragama (29 posts) -

First play through of a stage I try on 6.0, then later I'll go back and try them on higher difficulties once I've cleared them.

#6 Posted by Tylendal (14680 posts) -
I generally played on 7.0, but I'd usually end up dying one or two times. Now I'm just going through the game and trying to clear all my lowest intensity levels. My average is around 5.6 I think.
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The first time I play a level I stick to 3.5 or 4.0 just so I can see the plot without interuption. After that I gradually raise the difficult by 1.0 at a time, but I haven't finished anything on 9.0 yet XD

#8 Posted by King_of_Cats (49 posts) -
On the first play though I did 6, mostly, aside from the first few levels where I was getting used to both the controls and how far the difficulty settings change things up. Now I pretty much only do 9.0 unless I'm farming weapons without attributes for fusion.
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5 or 6
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#11 Posted by GameboyTroy (2469 posts) -

5.0-6.5 I started with 4.0 and when I get better stuff I'll go 6.5+.

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I usally do 7.5 to 9.0. Now that reminds of when my game glitched. I did a level on 9.0 and as soon as I walked out the door Pit yelled,"I'm finished!" And it said I died. That was a COLLOSIAL FAIL FOR ME! :P
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I play on 4-5 difficulty (such a noob).