nice surfing game

User Rating: 7.5 | Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer PS2
well, when you start the game there comes an menu were you can choose different modes, such as : multiplayer and story
In story mode you need to choose your surfer there are 5-6 of ´em
when you have chosen your surfer you need to select a surfboard. There is just one board to choose, every board has there own speed, weight, etc.. stuff that i dont remember... anyhow, when you have selected your board the game starts, there are 2 beaches to select and 1 training area.
every beach has there own objectives.... sometimes its pretty hard to complete. There are 10-15 beaches in the game
the actual gameplay is good, you can do nice stunts, go inside of the wave etc..
all though to unlock new stunts you need to complete different beaches.

now about the multiplayer, there is no much to say, you can play with your friend in a splitscreen what makes your eyes hurt, you can use only the beaches, surfers you have unlocked, so, you just have 5 surfers and 2 beaches.

theres also an cheat/code thingy . its an telephone, and stupid code has more than 14 numbers, yeah, NUMBERS! instead of having some sentece or word.
after you enter the code you can unlock all the beaches and all the surfers, and yeah all surfing board too, so, its just better to use codes than play the actuall story.

overall its a good game, pretty old but nice