All around great fun game to play!

User Rating: 9.5 | Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer XBOX
This game was one of my personal favorite sport games to play. Here's why: -Gameplay: I loved how the surfers would actually move with the wave, it's quite fun to go in competitions and totally kick their butts! :) -Graphics: The graphics in this game were simply AMAZING! The water was so realistic, and putting that with the graphics on the character, they fit like two pieces in a puzzle. -Sound: The sound was great, no fuzzyness, no rumbling...the sound of the game was alright, the tracks were nice, and custom soundtracks were a nice touch. -Value: I'd give this a good 9, like I said one of the best sport games i've ever played. -Reviewer's Tilt: I gave this a great 10, i simple loved it. :) -Overall: 9.5 Superb