I always says Some people will like the game and Some people will not like the game

Okay Whoa,

This is my very first review.

I will say this game is really nice

Alots of track to choose from It is 15 tracks in total And oh yeah great sound and really cool musics in the gameplay

And this game graphics is really cute and colorful.

the control will be very tricky at first but you will get to used to it

And also if you crash your kart by going wrong way and it gets very funny.

I really like the design in the game menu.

Okay I am done with this very first review I ever made.

I really like this game.

I can not say you will like this or you will not like the game.

You may like the game or you may not.

You do not have to agree with me. It is okay.

Everyone have their own thought about the game.

I pretty much like any racing games no matter what.

I hope my review is good.