Solid game. But recommended for surf-enthusiasts only.

User Rating: 6.5 | Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer PC
I'm not really sure what to make of 'Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer'. The graphics, especially the water, look nice (even by today's standards - unless you're a graphics nut for whom even last month's games are outdated), the controls are quite intuitive and easy to pick up, the characters and waves are well animated, it's got a nice laid-back atmosphere with a fitting soundtrack, and the surf action is fun.

But... I got bored after playing it for about 2,5 hours. At first I wasn't sure why. But then I figured it out - the career mode simply isn't very interesting. At all. In fact it's like one looooong tutorial, trying to teach you new moves all along, and gets rather difficult fairly quickly. And once you get "stuck" on a level because you can't pull off the required moves or pile up the needed points, there's nowhere to go. But most importantly - there's not much reason to keep trying! There's no story, and no ultimate goal (other than unlocking all the beaches and completing the game.)

As soon as the game got a little frustrating because I kept failing a level, I completely lost all motivation to keep trying. Unlocking a new beach with slightly different waves and water colour just isn't all that exciting to me.

To sum it up - if you're really into surfing, you'll probably love 'Pro Surfer.' But if you're only casually interested in the sport, or are simply looking for a good game, my advice is to skip this one.