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User Rating: 9.5 | Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer GC
It is time to stop thinking of extreme or alternative sport games as second best to the standard fair: football, baseball, hockey, basketball, tennis and golf. There has always been an obscure sport or two that made it to home consoles that could support this fact. Pro Surfer is no different, it excels in presenting a sport in game form like few others can, or ever have for that matter. The controls are to die for, it's as if my Game Cube was made specifically for this game. I can only wish more games were like this one in the control department. Pro Surfer is not some button mashing game(..uhhhmm...*fighting games*...hmm) you can fake your way through, but there will be plenty of spontaneous manuevers that occur, ones you're likely to replay at least once. Pulling off high scoring runs sometimes depends entirely on what YOU decide to do on a given wave. You can pretty much create your own style. Keeping your composure and limiting wipeouts will assure you exceed in this mode of gameplay. At other times you might be asked to perform certain tricks to advance. Though this limits the things you can do, it can be satisfying completing these objectives-especially if you'd been neglecting the trick(s) you are asked to perform. Including the choice of two different camera angles is in my opinion, a requirement for this game, without which really would have affected the game's value. Both the "follow" camera and the "beach" camera are great interprations, but the "follow" camera is my first choice for those "clutch" rides. Wave sections appear equally realistic in both views, but the waves steepness become really apparent in the "follow" view. Repetitive sound effects and wipeout animations are really the only areas where I think could be improved on, as there is not a whole lot of variety in these departments. With the wipeouts there is one plus though, and that is that during the animation a text readout displays the cause of your fall. There are several reasons why I can live with the slight annoyance of repetive sound and animation. One, there is some O.K. music that switches tracks(somewhat conservatively). Two, it gives me a good reason not to fall off my board. The third reason is it makes for a good indicator for taking a break from the day's gaming.