Keith Courage in Alpha Zones Cheats For TurboGrafx-16

  1. Super Coins

    Look out for the Lucky Cats which appear on some stages. If you kill enough of them, a red cat will come. Kill it and it will drop a red coin. This coin is worth a lot more than the regular coins.

    Contributed by: Shirow 

  2. Easy Last Boss

    When dropping into the chamber of the last boss, simply position yourself so you fall directly into the small gap between the boss's back and the wall. The boss will stand idle and not move while you kill it.

    Contributed by: BobFromPikeCreek 

  3. Level Select

    Code Effect
    Turn your machine while holding I+II+Run+Select. Press Up 8 times while holding these buttons and you'll choose your stage. Level Select

    Contributed by: Shirow 

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