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What Gamespot Users have to say about Karaoke Revolution Volume 3

  • User Rating 8.2

    A stage at home is what this fun game is all about.

    Rated on July 15, 2006 by willowrosenburg

    This is one of my favorite games I own and I own over 60 differnt games. When you play this game you feel like time just flys by you. All the songs they put on the games are ones you lisen to everyda...

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  • User Rating 6.8

    If you’re not a fervent fan of this series, you’re probably better off saving your cash.

    Rated on September 01, 2006 by September_Grey

    The opportunities to completely embarrass yourself at your next party are now expanded with the release of Karaoke Revolution Vol. 3 for the Playstation 2. Just as you’d expect from a new volume, this...

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  • User Rating 7.8

    The 3rd Volume in a fun and addictive series

    Rated on February 09, 2005 by ixlr8evo8

    In this game, for those who don't know, Karaoke Revolution is a series in which you sing a variety of songs in gigs, duets, or practice to earn the crowd's respect, and earn platinum hits. For the mo...

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  • User Rating 8.9

    The bottomline is if you like to sing in the shower you should get this game.

    Rated on March 14, 2005 by alittlesumnsumn

    It's kind of hard to review this game taking into consideration GameSpot's 5 review tenets, so I won't. I'll just have to leave it up to you to trust this review or dismiss it. Karaoke Revolution Vo...

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  • User Rating 8.1

    Karaoke Revolution 3 is a better "upgrade" to the first game than KR2 was.

    Rated on October 13, 2005 by RainbowBrite

    It's back! More new songs, more multiplayer fun! Once again, the game is terrific for parties, even if you think you don't sing very well. Effort really makes a difference in how much fun you h...

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  • User Rating 7.5

    Karaoke Revolution will take your breath away

    Rated on May 28, 2006 by 10outof10

    Karaoke Revolution makes gamers become great singers. You don't have to sing the lyrics. You can just go aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa. One thing that really sucks about Karaoke Revolution is that if...

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