A solid game.

User Rating: 8.5 | Kane & Lynch: Dead Men PC
Well, Someone finally complained about my review! haha I'm taking it down because its not a big deal anymore. Jeff's gone and nothing will bring him back. That and all that negative energy has since died.

Kane And Lynch is a very interesting Coop game. Whether your playing by yourself or with a friend you will have a good time, though I've found playing with a friend is much easier then relying on the AI. Sometimes you'll see graphical effects that look simply stunning other times you'll end up asking yourself what year it is. In the end the graphics as a whole are pretty nice though. Sounds are pretty good. Sound effects are rather weak, for instance some of the gun sounds are a little tinny. Voice acting however more then makes up for this. The story in the game is good as well. It follows a typical "Die Hard" type track accept its bad guy vs bad guy. The kidnapping element adds suspense to the story and throughout the whole thing you'll some rather impressive unpredictable twists. One complaint Ive heard is the controls. Ive played through the game on PC with an Xbox 360 controller and with the keyboard and mouse. Both worked fine and I really didnt have to many issues getting behind cover like others have mentioned.

All-in-All Kane and Lynch is worth the play through on either PC or Xbox 360.