The Good: ... another edition to the racing genre? The Bad: - The game!

Fortunatly for me I rented this game for the absolutly shortest I could. Something made me want to play this game and I belive it was the sin side of me.

This is a perfect example of how bad a game can possibly be. The game is you raccing a static truck. You have to avoid object in your path by clipping trough them and ridding straight up mountains. You can also avoid thoose hazards lurking outside the level boundrys by simply floating over them in a bounce spin.

At least the main atraction of the game is the graphics which are fairly decent if your talking about the terrain. Make sure to warn people your reversing at the same speed as you did before you reversed without a slow down by using your floating rear lights. But hey they beat the sound which is some techno beat looping over and over and over again.

So here is what to do... DONT play this game!