Belive me. Not that bad!!!

User Rating: 7.5 | Kane & Lynch: Dead Men PC
Though Kane & lynch received lots of negative comments, it has some very good positive site also. I couldn't understand that why most of the people are saying that it's storyline is not very good. But the story has everything like emotion, climax etc. Moreover limited health recover makes it more realistic. Gameplay is also well. It's a mix of free action and tactics. At present many of the hit games have this type of gameplay. Graphic is not that high but very suitable for this game. It's a medicore graphic but well. Sound is very good and a bit realistic. I remember in gamer TV it was told that granade doesn't work properly. But i didn't find any case of that kind. It needs a mid-end PC. Overall this game is not that bad. Don't listen to people. Go, Play it. Have fun. Bye Every one.