Kane and Lynch may not be the most technical game in the world. But its the first to make you feel as if your in a movie

User Rating: 8.5 | Kane & Lynch: Dead Men PC
Firstly I will point out that Kane and Lynch is very much an adults only game. With high amounts of blood, swearing and a very dark story that many have seen as the game adaptation of Heat.

But these arn't bad things.

The game is based around Adam "Kane" Marcus, an ex-mercinary who was once part of an organization known as The 7. After an operation went wrong Kane left the rest of the members in Venezuela. Taking a secrete package with him. Once returning to the US Kane was arrested and placed in jail for 14 years until he is sent to be executed. Until he is broken out by The 7 to retrieve them the package with the help of Lynch. Another inmate who unfortuantly has schizophrenia. The story moves along well and gets interesting when Kane's ex-wife and daughter are kept as hostages.

Gamplay is a simplistic take of a tactical cover shooter. You play it as a third person shooter and to get into cover you need to smoosh your body against the wall. This is one of the only parts of the game i dont like. it works but it takes effert to pull of. If it just had a button to move in and out of cover it would be much better. The ai is also kinda stupid. You'll sometimes hit a hard spot and unresponsive allies is never a good thing. However this can be fixed quickly by having a friend play along side you in split screen coop. Where one of you plays as Kane and the other plays as Lynch.

The graphics are pretty standard on the pc version. However I have also tried it on the ps3 and it just looks awful. Even on a HD tv or through a HDMI cable it looks terra-bad.

I would like to play online however there never seems to be anyone on. I suggest having a LAN party like we did in the last generation of consols.

I do like this game. It has a compelling story and charactors with standard gameplay and standard graphics (depending on the console of choice). I loved it from start to finish.

Make sure you play all the way to the end where you have to make a final grim choice.

I'm giving Kane and Lynch Dead Men an 8.5/10