Vivid exchange of fire shots, uninteresting story...

User Rating: 7 | Kane & Lynch: Dead Men PC
Despite the bad reviews and the fact I played for an hour this game last year without finishing it, i said to myself to give it another chance. So, I did. The game isn't much and it can keep you in front of the monitor for, let's say, seven or eight hours. The story isn't much: you have to save your family (in the end your daughter from some infamous ex-friends.
It's a little squad-based game because at certain points in the game you can control either your partner, Lynch, or other characters. You point the spot and he'll go there and so it's easier to manage in chaotic shot exchange.
Sadly the graphics are not much and it's way too easy to finish it.
I give it a seven because I had some unpretentious quality time with a B game, and that is because I love FPS.
The multiplayer lobbies are empty.
The controls respond well enough, sadly you can't roll over like in other third person shooters.