A huge improvement over the first game.

User Rating: 8 | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days PS3
Kane and Lynch: Dead Men, was not a good game. It had poor controls; bad A.I; and became very tedious -fast. It did have a great story, though.
So when K&L2 was announced, i wasn't very impressed; i rolled my eyes at the thought of a sequel. I was wrong... This game is much like the first one -and for that reason, if you didn't like the first games core gameplay, you wont be won over here, either. But this is what the first game should have been. It's the same gameplay with good controls, better A.I. And one very impressive feature: the camera.
The camera is raw, gritty, grimey, dirty, and takes one hell of a beating threw-out the game. The whole effect is hugely unique to the game world, and works really well.
The story isn't really much of a story, but is enough to want you to plod along.
This time round you play as, Lynch; everybody's favourite crazed loon -who technically - -in my opinion- saved the first game from being a complete wash-out.
The overall gameplay is pretty much the same, threw-out the game. And i'll be honest, it can become a little tedious at times. Wave, after wave of enemy's can become frustrating when you just want to move on with the game. There's also another annoying niggle; the accuracy can be a little off. On a developer defence, they'll probably say it's for realism purposes, but it's kinda frustrating, when your low on ammo.

Multiplayer is a great feature, and one that the first one actually got praise for. There is two extra modes this time too: Cops and Robbers: which is two teams fighting against each other. Undercover cop: which is the same as fragile allience, only with the little twist that someone in your ranks is a cop.

Graphics: Really grimey and gritty looking. Overall there actually pretty good. 8

Sound: Alot of swearing, but the voice acting is solid threw-out. 8

Gameplay: All the game is cover, shoot, cover, shoot. So it's a good job the gunplay is solid. 7.5

Sh*te Box: Dodgy accuracy, rubbish ending, single-player is very short.

Value: 20- 30, or a rent if your uncertain.

Overall: A huge improvement over it's brother. Better on every level. And while it does suffer a few niggles, it's a great game overall.