Great sequel thought short and repetivtie it still offers alot of great mulitplayer action that will keep flowing

User Rating: 8 | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days PS3
The sequel to kane and lynch dead men returns for some realistic knock outs,the story takes place as kane gets in to some bussiness with some shady people thought also kane kills the governors daughter and brings a **** load of fewed throught the other gang memeber,and also they kidnapped lynchs girlfriend so both are down **** creek.this sepuel is great from the graphics to the acton all the way down to the cameo looks you wont be let down with this game,thought the bad thing about this game is that its very repetitvite and will leave you frustrated but i went throught with the same technics as demon souls you learn as you die so dont **** about the difficult,but then again the games cover system is pretty ****y and trying to run from the enemies wont cut it,and the shortness of the game sure it has a great multiplayer system but when it comes down to the game youll probably beat it in less then a day,know there are a ton of great things about his game the story is great but i wish i could see more of it but all in all its great the graphics and the cinematic cameo is awesome makes it look like you watching cops or parnormal activity,and the drama that this game has is intest i mean its crazy good seeing a merc and a pychopath, go against miltiary,gangs,cops,and pyhcos is like them going against the world,thought this game isnt worth buying because of the shortness of it,its a great rental for one those day you just want to play some mindless shootem up