The king of racers has arrived!

Forza motorsport is the latest racing sim available for XBOX. It is by far the king of all racing games on all platforms. It conquers the genre by being the most realistic racing game to date while also being a game that can be played by players of any skill level. Forza uses all the features of the XBOX very well and is a great game to show off your XBOX. It consists of a Career mode that can be played both online and off and an Arcade race mode where you race by yourself against computer controlled cars. It also has a free run mode which is good to learn the various tracks and figure out the controls. -GAMEPLAY -forza's controls are tight and accurate -the menus are easy to navigate -GRAPHICS -Great but not as good as GT's are -SOUND -Engines sound realistic and there are noticeable changes when you upgrade your vehicle -Custom soundtracks -Value -Hard to put down the controller -Always thinking about the game even when not playing I am really enjoying Forza. It does mostly everything better than GT and is a great start to what is shaping up to be a great franchise. So that being said Forza is a must-have for any XBOX owner and any racing sim fan.