Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO Cheats For PSP

  1. Unlockables

    All the Riders except the very last one are obtained via Ragnarok Mode, you have to come across them in the levels ; and since most levels have multiple paths, you won't get everyone the first time. You also have to actually take the recruited Riders in your team at least once in Ragnarok mode in order to permanently unlock them in other modes. The main villains of Ragnarok mode are unlocked by completing stage 14 (unlocked after finishing Ragnarok mode once and going back to your completed save) a certain number of times.

    Code Effect
    Complete stage 13 Stage 14 and stage select
    Complete stage 14 once. Scissors
    Complete stage 14 twice. Ouja
    Complete stage 14 three times. Nega Den-O
    Complete stage 14 four times. Ryuga
    Complete stage 14 five times. Dark Kabuto
    Complete stage 14 six times. Odin
    Unlock every other Rider except himself and WCAX, and he should unlock automatically. If not, complete stage 14 again. Garren
    Once Garren unlocked, go in arcade mode, select the last empty space, press SQUARE(random) and complete arcade mode as WCAX to unlock him permanently. W/Double CAX

    Contributed by: Totor999