Hair Rasing Fun

User Rating: 8.5 | Kabuki Quantum Fighter NES
This is another underrated gem that got a little lost in the loop of time, but it's another game that I had fun with.

The plot is sort of similar to the film "Tron" and a little of "The Matrix" where a computer intelegence has infected all computer system and will rule over humanity by turning the computer systems against their human creators. The only way to beat the system is from within, so goverment agent Scott has to log himself into the computer system which turns him into his digtal alter ego a Kabuki actor (why the heck out of a lot of things he would become a Kabuki is anyones guess but oh well go with it) and infiltrate the viruses and evil cyper intelegence to free the computer system and save humanity.

This is a fun game even though the idea of a Kabuki is slightly daft. The graphics are pritty good, it has a slightly surreal atmosphere of cyperspace the music just as good, the gameplay isn't anything entirely new it's similar to "Ninja Gaiden" from certain action dynamics, bosses, timer, chalanging obsticles, all things I've seen before but it's all done well and right.

What sets this game apart though from most action platformers are in it's dynamics as well a certain weapon you have all the time with you. This weapon I'm talking about is your hair. You heard me right I'm not kidding
your hair is your weapon, how hair can be deadly I don't know may'be somehow the hair fibers are lazer fibers that's my theory. Anyway, it's the daftest but most brillant weapon I've ever seen, once you start using it it will make you a believer that hair can be deadly.

However what really interesting about the game is the certain difficulty it has where the small enemies have a slight unpredictable patern, which might make a few of them a little harder to hit and they can do a bit of damage on you if your not careful. The dynamic of this game is clearly based on timing and manuverablity tactics. Usually in most platform action games some of the small enemies would always have a set patern which can make them easy to avoid or take out before they hit, that's also based on timing but also just plain luck even when you do it by accident.

But in this game you can get away with it but just hit ing them by mere accident, you either have to hit them at the precise and right time or get hit back. In a strange way this give the game a slight realistic sensabiity if you beleive that because the principle here is the same as in the martal arts which are most of the time about moving at the right moments to avoid harm or deliver attacks before your opponent hits.

And the game has sort of a fight of flight decision making process where you can just avoid hiting a certain enimy that way you don't have to risk dranage of energy however you also might lose an opportinity to retreve an item whether it's a life or a weapon. So you have to sort of do some quick math you have to ask yourself three things 1. Do I want to risk my health taking this character out. 2. How much time do I have. 3. What if that character might have a item. 4. What's the fastest route. It's this common everyday human rait or vunerability that makes the game all the more interesting.

This isn't the best platform action game I've ever played it's sort of on the B list rank in my book but it's fun all the same, Kabuki Quantom Fighter is hair raising fun.