Although K.Hawk was mostly voted down in reviews, I found it entertaining, with good fights and a cool protagonis

User Rating: 7.6 | K-Hawk: Survival Instinct PC
I was happy to find this game, K. Hawk, a couple of years after its original release. Reading ( not a very positive) an article about it in my favorite gaming magazine, I was really curious to see how it actually was.
Although it mostly got negative reactions, I really did like it!
Of course the graphic is fusty and blocky but the atmospher was conceivable and it gave a plausible feeling of being there.
I liked the fights, as the enemy was eligible and responsive.
I specially liked the sniper, this sequence was really thrilling and
quit exciting.
The scenes in the factory were also good, the action scenes and all. The Bosses were also convincing and they all (unlike many current games) deliver good and challenging fights.
K.Hawks character was also (regarding fantasy world of Gaming)
believable and real. Altogether I had a quit good time playing the game, was not bored or fed up with it, I didn't want to stop in the middle and wished I have had played
it earlier when it was first released.