While this is imaginative the novelty soon wears off and you realise this is actually a very shallow game.

Eye Toy is the new device to plug into your PS2. It goes in the USB port in the front of you PS2 then sits on top of your TV. On the screen you see an image of yourself, and the objects on the screen react to your movements.

Unfortunatley you realise all too soon how shallow of an experience this game is. Basically, all the camera can recognise is movement, so ANYTHING that moves on the screen will provoke a reaction.

This is the first annoyance. In my room you can see the curtains on the camera, if it is hot and I open the window the blowing curtain causes the game to react to the movements, which is annoying if the game you are playing requires focus.

So, basically the camera comes with a disk allowing you to play an assortment of mini-games. These all focus on waving your hands because all the camera can recognise is movement. So this can be hitting ninjas, cleaning windows, spinning plates, dancing etc. While they are fun to start they get tedious very quickly.

You could invite your mates round to play but, honestly, even then it gets boring quickly. Really, it's main benefit is keeping the kids quiet as they will love it, it is also good for wearing them out.

Aside from the mini-games you can do a camera game where strange effects occur, like a solar effect etc.
Also there is a movie recorder which allows you to do a little amature filming but this will KILL your memory card.

On the whole a noval idea but it is poorley executed.

Clean but nothing special

Noval, but shallow


Crap in single, pasable in multi.