Super Mario 64+Metroid Prime=Jumping Flash! 'nuff said.

User Rating: 9.5 | Jumping Flash! PS
In this game you control a sweet bionic bonny rabbit named Robbit.The game takes place in a world similar with Super Mario 64's, set in a First Person Perspective which reminds me of Metroid Prime-Robbit has 2 autocannons on his shoulders & blasts blue polygons.
jumping flash is one of the earliest & most ambitious ps1 had n64 graphics i really feel like i'm playing an n64 game.if you compare this 2 consoles,ps1 & n64,n64 can be pawned only if you take jumping flash & i don't know if j-f is among the 50 greatest ps1 games!total pawnage!so the game was way ahead of it's time.the graphics were just unbeatable at that time but despite this,the game is not so's a game for kids,a game that plays very well & it's quite challenging.when you play it,you are greatly satisfied but after you finish it,you feel that it's not that great,it has a low replay value.i just feel it but i can't explain it.maybe because...2d gaming has a greater replay value than 3d?maybe because people live all the time in 3d & they also want to see 2d?no wait,the last state is that time,3d games were at the begining it was the biggest wow factor at that time in the world,seriously.i don't know, j-f is just too simplistic,maybe that's why.but games like super mario bros & tetris & pong are also simplistic but they have a great replay value!in j-f you have to colect carrots,known in the game as jet-pods & after that hit the exit of the level.i don't know,maybe others feel the opposite,that the game is great & you can never get bored of it.
this bionic rabbit has to stop baron aloha who wants to conquer the universe,or galaxy or i don't know what but to get to him you must go through several levels,worlds to collect jet-pods.there are 6 worlds-at each world there are 2 levels & 1 boss fight.he game is very simple,it can't stress you at all,not even at the last fight with of the easiest game i've ever played,lol!
the gameplay is like this-jump around!& avoid falling of the platform.yes,the whole level is a suspended platform in space but it has atmosphere so there's oxygene,you can see the blue sky not the's like an artificial world.hoho,this game sounds very interesting,isn't it?after you'll finish it you'll know what i'm saying,what i mean.
flash is a bionic rabbit that fires with laser or something & picks up special weapons.he jumps very high,going up in the sky giving you a vertigo feeling.the best level is 3-2 without a doubt.if all the levels of the game were made like this one,then it would have been a superb game:9/10 seriously.they hit the jackpot with this now i found out why this game is only good-because the creators were not so inspired,they made dull levels.the sequel is better-they improved this world that had great potential in the level design & gameplay.with graphics alone you can't make it great.
the gameplay in a video-game is the most important feature.if you have great gameplay,then you have everything.the game is a succes.
p.s.:all flash no substance,looooool!that is very true!
"In 2007, M** C************ of IGN, declared Jumping Flash as the 3rd most underrated game of all time."