why does this game not make game of the year?

So what can i say about assassins creed other than the fact that it is hard. assassins creed is a game about this assassin named altair for watever reason you are betrayed by your own but after that fact the leader al mulam takes you under his wing starting you up as an apprentice and as you kill the people he tells you to you get restored a rank but something happens every time you assassinate your target they give a speech about what they were really doing for the new world. Even though the ending might be confusing the gameplay is outstanding from climbing buildings and jumping from roofs and junk. Weapons you get a vaerity of them from the sword and throwing knives or hidden blades. you decide how to kill your target rather one on one duel to just queitly assassinateing your target. so far assassins creed is the most reconisible games of the year and will continue to kick ass for many years to come.