Jump Ultimate Stars Cheats For DS

  1. Quizz Mode

    In order to unlock the Quizz Mode, available in the main menu, simple complete the story mode.

  2. Champion Ranking

    Clear Point, Elimination and J-Star Ranking in J-Arena.

  3. Unlock Pre-made decks

    To unlock pre-made decks play through all the J-Ranking modes.
    Clear Point, Elimination, J-Star and Champion Rankings in the J-Arena.

  4. Unlocking battle characters

    Code Effect
    KO two characters with a support character in mission 7 of Planet X Dio
    Finish mission 2 of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure with full health. Jotaro
    Get the most points on the first mission of the Bleach Planet Ichigo
    Clear Mission 1 of the Bleach Planet with at least 4 points Hitsugaya
    KO 2 enemies with Special Attacks in Mission 4 of the Bleach Planet Renji
    Have a full Special Guage when you clear Mission 3 of the Bleach Planet Rukia
    Complete the fifth part of mission two on the yuyu hakusho planet. Hiei
    Collect all the stars in 30 seconds on the first D.Gray-Man mission Linali
    Complete mission 1 of the Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro Neuro
    Clear mission 4 of Planet "U" within 30 seconds Robin
    Avoid being hit for at least 2 minutes in the 2 mission of bo-bobo Don patch
    KO with at least 3X attacks on the first mission of Rurouni Kenshin Kenshin
    Finish mission 3 of Naruto with full health Sakura
    KO at least 2 opponents with a special attack in mission 2 of Naruto Kakashi
    Get the most points to win on the first mission os Saint Seiya Seiya
    Collect All 7 dragon balls on the third mission of DBZ Piccolo
    Never use special attacks in Mission two of DBZ Vegeta
    Clear the stage in 30 seconds or less in the second mission of DBZ Gohan
    Collect more stars than your opponent before the time runs out in the first mission in Black Cat Train
    Get 4 points more than your opponent in the first mission in Hunter x Hunter Killua
    get the most points to win on the first mission in Hunter x Hunter Gon
    collect 30 coins In one piece on the third mission Nami
    Collect more stars than your opponent before the time runs out on the second One Piece mission Sanji
    Get the most points on the first mission on the One Piece planet Zoro
    Unlock when you collect more stars than your opponent before the time runs out on the D.gray.man first mission Allen
    unlock Jiraya and evolve him then get the path to Kyubii Naruto Kyubii naruto (Demon fox Naruto)
    KO KO 2 times with an attribute better than the opponent's Sasuke
    KO all the opponents in the first and only mission in Busou Renkin Kazuki
    Collect the all the stars in 40 second or less Eve
    Collect all the stars before time runs out in mission 1 in Katekyo Hitman!Reborn Planet Tsuna/Reborn
    Collect all the stars before time runs out in mission 1 in Shaman King Planet Yoh
    Finish in 30 seconds in mission 2 in Shaman King Planet Anna
    KO all the opponents using opposite type characters(all the opponents in mission 1 is all laughter) Arale
    Evolve Sangetsu to get Bankai Ichigo Bankai Ichigo
    get more wins than your oponnent in the first mission of the Bobo-bo planet Bobo-bo
  5. Unlock Stages

    To unlock stages for selection in various modes, you will have to unlock the indicated komas, then purchase these stages on their evolution charts. For some, you may have to evolve them more than once to unlock the stage.

    Code Effect
    Toki: Collect all stars in 30 seconds during Hokuto No Ken mission 3 19XX Wasteland (Hokuto No Ken)
    Crystal Boy: Complete the Space Adventure Cobra mission without being KO'd Outer Space
    Biscuit Kreuger: Complete Hunter X Hunter mission 4 in under 4 minutes Celestial Tower (Hunter X Hunter)
    Natsuhiko Taki (Eyeshield 21): Ring out 1 opponent during Eyeshield 21 mission 4 Cityscape
    River Wenham: Collect 3 or more stars during D.Gray-Man mission 1 Dark Religion Headquarters (D.Gray-Man)
    Kazuma Kuwabara: Get a KO with a Support attack during Yu Yu Hakusho mission 1 Dark Tournament Stadium (Yu Yu Hakusho)
    Roronoa Zoro: Complete One Piece mission 1 Davey Back Fight (One Piece)
    Dio Brando: Get 2 KOs with Support attacks during Planet X: Boss Tower mission 7 Dio's Mansion (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
    Haruto Sakuraba: Ring out 2 opponents during Eyeshield 21 mission 4 Football Stadium (Eyeshield 21)
    River Wenham: Collect at least 3 stars during D.Gray-Man mission 1 Final Battleground
    Jirou Hame: Complete Pyuu To Fuku! Jaguar mission 1 Flute Stage (Pyuu To Fuku! Jaguar)
    Taizo Hasegawa: Complete Gintama mission 3 Future Edo (Gintama)
    Chocolove McDaniel: Complete Shaman King mission 2 Gates of Babylon (Shaman King)
    Dengakuman: Complete Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo mission 3 Hanage Empire (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo)
    Dr. Masahirito: Finish the J-Adventure mode. You need his evolution path from Obotchaman (Finish Boss Tower mission 3 without specials) JUMP
    Yahiko Myojin: Complete Rurouni Kenshin mission 1 Kamiya Dojo (Rurouni Kenshin)
    Jiraiya: Finish in under 20 seconds on Planet "U" mission 1 Konoha Village (Naruto)
    Tokiko Tsumura: Get 2 KOs using attacks of a stronger nature than the targets in the Busou Renkin mission L.X.E. Headquarters (Busou Renkin)
    Hao (Shaman King): Get at least 3 points in Shaman King mission 1 Manga Battle
    Bat (Hokuto No Ken): Complete Hokuto No Ken mission 2 Manga Page
    Hiroto Honda: Don't get KO'd by Ring Out in Yu-Gi-Oh! mission 2 Millenium Puzzle (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
    Midori Yamabuki: KO Arale within 40 seconds on Dr. Slump mission 2 Norimaki Household (Dr. Slump)
    Lambo: Don't use Special Attacks in Katekyo Hitman Reborn! mission 1 Outside Swada Hospital (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)
    Piccolo: Collect all 7 Dragon Balls within 30 seconds in Dragon Ball mission 3 Planet Namek (Dragon Ball)
    Matoi Giboshi: Don't get KO'd by Ring Out in Boss Tower mission 1 Police Station (Kochi Kame)
    Eve: Collect all stars within 40 seconds in Black Cat mission 1 Safe House (Black Cat)
    Shun: Break all walls within 1 minute in Saint Seiya mission 3 Sanctuary (Saint Seiya)
    Satsuki Kitaooji: Collect at least 3 stars in Ichigo 100% mission 1 School Festival (Ichigo 100%)
    Yukime: Get 5 more points than your opponent in the Jigoku Sensei Nube mission School Grounds (Jigoku Sensei Nube)
    Haruko Akagi: Complete Slam Dunk mission 2 Shohoku High Gymnasium (Slam Dunk)
    Kaname Tousen: Get a KO with a Special Attack during Bleach mission 5 Soul Society (Bleach)
    Oishi/Eiji: Get 4 KOs using Support Characters in Prince of Tennis mission 3 Tennis Court (Prince of Tennis)
    Asuraman: Don't get hit with a Special Attack in Planet "U" mission 3 Tournament Mountain (Kinnikuman)
    Hien: Get 2 KOs using Special Attacks in Sakigake!! Otokojuku mission 1 Trial By Fire (Sakigake!! Otokojuku)
    Mello: Don't use Special Attacks in Death Note mission 2 World of Shikigami (Death Note)

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