I wanted to write this review to advise in time ignared people that think this game would be better than what people say

User Rating: 2 | Kyoufu Taikan: Juon WII
I wanted to write this review to HELP people that are going to do my same mistake spending quite some good money for this game, to give up this, before it will be too late!
When I watch the videos on youtube at first, I thought this game would be great (expecially because I love these types of games), but I was wrong. When I read the gamespot review rate, 4.00, I still don't want to believe it. (Sometimes games that was rates poorly, I discover was good for myself), but not this time with this Ju-On the Grudge.
First problem: for all the time, you need to search for battery of your torch. If the battery 's charge finish, the game is over.
Well, since the battery energy decrease VERY FAST, you have to go around searching battery (remember you can move VERY SLOW so it's frustrating). I would like to explore the ambient around me, when I play a game. I want to watch the atmosfere around.. but since you have this pressure (to search costantly battery or keys) you don't have time to look around! Really! You need to go ahead and hurry in searching battery all the time.
Another big problem is that the game itself is very BORING, because you have to do NOTHING apart to search batteries or keys to oper the next door. There's only ghosts that from times to times appears, and want to scary (ok, with the audio up, you can feel scaried a little) but there's nothing other than this and it became a repetitive thing.
Another problem, the CONTROLLER! Is not true that it's done well! When you point the light in a wall, sometimes, the moviment of wii remote dont corrispond with the torch, and the camera starts to run around like a crazy!

Another problem: I ended the first chapter in less than 8 minutes! I remain speechless in front of tv... "It's already finished'??
And there was nothing interesting into finish a chapter too!

Really, I feel that this game is the worse game I ever played since LONG TIME AGO!
I spent almost 50 € for a thing like this? I was really UPSET, I also contacted the game developers sending emails!

So, I want really advise you, this game is not what you see in youtube videos or advertisements....
Dont make my same error.
Leave this game in the games's shop.............. FOREVER.

PS: and also Calling it's frustrating.. (zombies that comes over you every 6 seconds....)