Journey Cheats For PS3

  1. Trophies

    Code Effect
    Cross the broken bridge without completely rebuilding it. Threshold
    Find the hidden desert flower. Mirage
    Discover all cloth creatures in the desert. Explore
    Pass through 15 gates while surfing through the sunken city. Adventure
    Sneak through the underground passage without tearing your scarf. Trials
    Find a mysterious creature hidden in the temple. Ancestors
    Uncover all 10 ancient glyphs. History
    Reach the summit with a companion and return to the beginning. Crossing
    Finish the game and return to the beginning. Rebirth
    Finish the game with the same partner for the majority of the journey and return to the beginning. Companion
    Sit and meditate with another player for more than 20 seconds. Reflection
    Meet 10 or more unique travelers. Wonder
    Start the journey again after a week long break. Return
    Collect all unique glowing symbols across one or more journeys. Transcendence

    Contributed by: 8_Bit_Red_Mage 

  2. Unlock the Hidden White Cloak

    Complete the task prompted by the "Transcendence" trophy, which is to acquire all Scarf upgrades hidden in the game. You can do this over multiple playthroughs. Once you acquire the trophy, head to the start of the game (or just pause the game and select "Chapter Select". This option is unlocked after completing the game once). From the center of the area, look to the right and you will see three large cloths sticking out from the ground. Go over to them and simply walk into them. Your cloak will now be white and the scarf you start off with will be longer. Unlike the red scarf, the white scarf will automatically regenerate scarf power once you land after jumping.

    Contributed by: Zack2495 

  3. Chapter Select

    After you've beaten the game once, pause the game and press select. You will be given the option to replay any of the chapters.

    Code Effect
    Beat the game once. Chapter Select

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  4. Golden Embroidery

    Each time you fully beat the game, your robe (either red or white) has a new pattern added to it. The first is just gold around the hem, but each time after that the pattern becomes larger and more intricate until it fully covers you. It's important to note that the game must be fully completed from beginning to end to unlock the next pattern. Skipping to a particularly chapter and then beating the game will give no reward.

    Code Effect
    Beat the game once. Embroided Hem
    Beat the game twice. Second Embroidery
    Beat the game three times. Third Embroidery

    Contributed by: ScrawlKnight 

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