Come to destroy every 2D fighting game !!!!

User Rating: 10 | Jojo no Kimyouna Bouken (CapKore) PS
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is the one of the best japanese comic book. I read it every part. when It come to game in snes I don't like it ,game play is very bad , no style no exciting I disappoint. But when it come to vs fighting game. It is the great game. Probably, it's better than street fighter , king of fighter, dragon ball Z. In the story mode is ok. but in the arcade is the perfect game. you have to use your character and your stand in the same time. A lot of spacial moves , combo also idea for fighting. only super specail move, you can't defeat anyone that great in this game. You have to have good idea , speed thinking and some experience too. I play a lot of fighting game also great well-known game Tekken 5. I think this game is the best like tekken even though it is different between 2D and 3D. However If you have a chance , you should try it. I'm sure this game destroy every 2D fighting.
Another one, you should find jojo comic book to read If you like this game. It's the great comic too.