One of the best 2-D fighting games around. Unique, hilarious, and over-the-top, just like the series.

User Rating: 9.8 | Jojo no Kimyouna Bouken (CapKore) PS
The first thing that got me to play this game was the bad ass meme of one of it's characters, Dio Brando, crushing things with a steam roller. Then, I began to read the manga it's based off of, and now I can't stop playing it.

The game's specialty is how well-done the "stands" are. The stand is a type of guardian spirit that gets it's name by "standing" next to it's user. The majority of special stand abilities are usually for inflicting damage in over the top attacks. Two of them are capable of stopping time, one of them can change it's enemy into a child to seriously limit their power, one is a puppet and can ambush an enemy from behind while the user attacks from the front, and so on. Some characters can't summon their stand to fight along side them, so the button used for doing that is used for their special attack. Also, the only character without a stand is Jojo from the previous story line of the manga (this game is based off of the third part)

The game has a story mode and an arcade mode.
In story mode, you do all the fights as they appeared in the manga, each with the character that fought the enemy during that part. There are also "comic action" parts, they're scenes with dialog that end up with you pushing a button on the D-pad in order to evade an enemy attack. There are two levels with "beat em' up" arcade type action, a few parts with shooting (such as, shoot the monkey while avoiding the girl) and three parts with gambling (poker, pick which food the cat will eat first, and put coins in a water to prevent in from overflowing)
Each level/episode in story mode allows you to earn up to 50 points of Jojo Ability, allowing you to do things such as, play the mini-games from story mode, sound tests, tarot cards (the names of the stands are based off of these weird Japanese tarot cards), sound/BGM tests, viewing character sketches and sheet music, etc.

Arcade mode is simply choosing a character and fighting seven or so preselected characters, with a back story and a unique ending for each character. It's game play is superior to any 2-D fighter I ever played, the characters are fast, responsive, the AI is intelligent and challenging. It's all unique and well-done. The game's graphics are wonderful, each character clearly looks like who they're based off of, the attacks have an almost fluid motion to them, special attacks are eye-popping "whoa" good.

I love the BGM of the game, I find myself humming some of the themes after I'm finished playing. All the characters talk in Japanese, my favorite is D'Arby from the gambling parts and game over sequence saying "Good!"

Overall, this game is a must-have for any fan of 2-D fighting games. It has no real weak points with the exception of the character Iced (Vanilla Ice in the manga, in the game he is Iced with the stand Cream, ha-ha, get it? "Iced Cream"... yeah...) he spams charge attacks that have to be avoided, if they hit you they take away 20% of your life, and there is no possible way of damaging him while he's doing it. But, besides that small detail, everything in this game is incredible.