JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle Cheats For PS3

  1. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle

    Code Effect
    Collected every single trophy. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
    Cleared all of Story Mode. A Curious Fate
    Cleared Episode 2 in Story Mode Part 1. Ode to Humanity
    Cleared Story Mode Part 1. Phantom Blood
    Cleared Episode 4 in Story Mode Part 2. True warriors love friendship and respect!
    Cleared Story Mode Part 2. Battle Tendency
    Cleared Episode 3 in Story Mode Part 3. Now everybody loves ya!
    Cleared Episode 6 in Story Mode Part 3. Ain't beating them!
    Cleared Story Mode Part 3. Stardust Crusaders
    Cleared Episode 3 in Story Mode Part 4. I'd feel safer in jail!
    Cleared Episode 6 in Story Mode Part 4. One hell of an experience!
    Cleared Story Mode Part 4. Diamond is Unbreakable
    Cleared Episode 1 in Story Mode Part 5. First we need strength!
    Cleared Story Mode Part 5. Vento Aureo
    Cleared Episode 1 in Story Mode Part 6. Now I understand...
    Cleared Story Mode Part 6. Stone Ocean
    Cleared Episode 2 in Story Mode Part 7. So this is the "Real Man's" World!
    Cleared Story Mode Part 7. Steel Ball Run
    Completed a match in Versus Mode with Player or COM characters. We'll train your arse off!
    Purchased 100 gallery items. Let's have a nice chat over some tea!
    Purchased 500 gallery items. Some words of praise would be nice!
    Landed a HHA. Trembling heart!
    Landed a GHA. Great!
    Landed a HHA using Easy Beat. Di molto good!
    Caused a Guard Crush to occur. You weakling!
    Pulled off a zoomed-in taunt. Come prepared or not at all.
    Pulled off a Stylish Evade. Swish!
    Pulled off a Flash Cancel. I like that glint in your eye!
    Caused Rush Mode to activate. The hell is this, a punching contest?
    Completed a Secret Mission for the first time. So you saw it...
    Completed 30 Secret Missions. You! You were looking!
    Completed 50 Secret Missions! You've mastered this game, haven't you!
    Set off a battleground gimmick for the first time. Adventurers Only!
    Set off all the battleground gimmicks. Whoa! Look out above you!
    You or an opponent were hit by a battleground gimmick for the first time. Sucks to be you!
    Get hit by all the background gimmicks. TACOS!
    Pulled off a Dramatic Finish for the first time. YadaaaaaAAAAABAAAAAAAAA!
    Pulled off all the Dramatic Finishes. Don't come near me!
    Cleared Story Mode Part 8. JoJolion
    Finished a battle with a HHA or GHA. WRYYYYYYYYY!
    Landed Johnny's "Pretty long for a shortcut!" GHA on Valentine. Thanks, Gyro. I mean it.
    Landed Josuke 4's HHA supplementary move, "Meet my "homing missile!" on Kosaku Kawajiri. A truly unpredictable Stand!
    Successfully performed Giorno's "Your "end" has no ending!" GHA. Your "end" has no ending!
    Successfully performed Kars' "I am the ultimate life form" GHA. The birth of the Ultimate Life Form!
    Successfully performed Pucchi's "Maiden Heaven" GHA. Time to climb the Stairway to Heaven!
    Used Jotaro Kujo's "I stopped time..." style during DIO's "It's a steamroller!" GHA. I stopped time...

    Contributed by: KlonoaCat 

  2. Demo Save Bonus

    If you have save data from the demo when you start the game, you will be granted a 100,000 G bonus.

    Contributed by: Rellni944 

  3. Unlockable Characters

    These characters are unlocked after you beat them in story mode.

    Code Effect
    Complete Episode 3 of Part 2's story mode. Wamuu
    Complete Episode 5 of Part 2's story mode. Esidisi
    Complete Part 2's story mode. Kars
    Complete Episode 1 of Part 3's story mode. Mohammed Avdol
    Complete Episode 3 of Part 3's story mode. Jean Pierre Eiffel
    Complete Episode 6 of Part 3's story mode. Hol Horse
    Complete Part 3's story mode. DIO
    Complete Episode 3 of Part 4's story mode. Akira Otoishi
    Complete Episode 4 of Part 4's story mode. Koichi Hirose
    Complete Episode 6 of Part 4's story mode. Rohan Kishibe
    Complete Part 4's story mode. Kosaku Kawajiri
    Complete Episode 1 Part 5's story mode. Narancia Ghirga
    Complete Episode 2 Part 5's story mode. Guido Mista
    Complete Part 5's story mode. Diavolo
    Complete Part 6's story mode. Father Pucchi
    Complete Part 7's story mode. Funny Valentine
    Complete Part 1-7's story modes. Josuke Higashikata 8
    Complete Part 1's story mode. Dio Brando
    Complete first 7 episodes in story mode. Jojolion

    Contributed by: KlonoaCat 

  4. Customize Medals - Outfits

    Outfits can be unlocked for each character in Campaign Mode. Outfit medals can be acquired by depleting a certain boss's HP to 0, though an outfit medal will not always drop. The following medals are drops from the corresponding boss.

    Code Effect
    Yoshikage (Campaign 1) Yoshikage A
    Yoshikage (Campaign 1) Rohan A
    Shigekiyo (Campaign 1) Josuke 4 A
    Shigekiyo (Campaign 1) Koichi A
    Zeppeli (Campaign 1) Zeppeli A
    Zeppeli (Campaign 1) Jonathan A
    Wamuu (Campaign 1) Wamuu A
    Wamuu (Campaign 1) Caesar A
    Jotaro (Campaign 1) Jotaro A
    Jotaro (Campaign 1) Jolyne B
    DIO (Campaign 1) DIO A
    DIO (Campaign 1) Giorno A
    Eiffel (Campaign 1) Eiffel A
    Eiffel (Campaign 1) Joseph A
    Jolyne (Campaign 1) Jolyne A
    Jolyne (Campaign 1) Johnny A
    Ermes (Campaign 1) Ermes A
    Ermes (Campaign 1) Jolyne C
    Fugo (Campaign 2) Fugo A
    Fugo (Campaign 2) Josuke 8 A
    Iggy (Campaign 2) Iggy A
    Iggy (Campaign 2) DIO B
    Dio (Campaign 2) Dio A
    Dio (Campaign 2) Jonathan B
    Joseph (Campaign 2) Joseph B
    Joseph (Campaign 2) Johnny B
    Caesar (Campaign 2) Caesar B
    Caesar (Campaign 2) Gyro A
    Kars (Campaign 2) Kars A
    Kars (Campaign 2) Wamuu B
    Josuke 4 (Campaign 2) Josuke 4 B
    Josuke 4 (Campaign 2) Jotaro B
    Koichi (Campaign 2) Koichi B
    Koichi (Campaign 2) Rohan B
    Lisa Lisa (Campaign 3) Lisa Lisa A
    Lisa Lisa (Campaign 3) Kars B
    Old Joseph (Campaign 3) Old Joseph A
    Old Joseph (Campaign 3) Josuke 4 C
    Jonathan (Campaign 3) Jonathan C
    Jonathan (Campaign 3) Dio B
    Avdol (Campaign 3) Avdol A
    Avdol (Campaign 3) Jotaro C
    Bucciarati (Campaign 3) Giorno B
    Bucciarati (Campaign 3) Gyro C
    Rohan (Campaign 3) Rohan C
    Rohan (Campaign 3) Joseph C
    Johnny (Campaign 3) Johnny C
    Johnny (Campaign 3) Jolyne D
    Valentine (Campaign 3) Valentine A
    Valentine (Campaign 3) Gyro B
    Cool Ice (Campaign 4) DIO D
    Anastasia (Campaign 4) Jolyne E
    Anastasia (Campaign 4) Josuke 8 B
    Hol Horse (Campaign 4) Jotaro D
    Hol Horse (Campaign 4) Joseph D
    Okuyasu (Campaign 4) Okuyasu A
    Okuyasu (Campaign 4) Josuke 4 D
    Kosaku (Campaign 4) Kosaku A
    Kosaku (Campaign 4) Rohan D
    Giorno (Campaign 4) Giorno C
    Giorno (Campaign 4) DIO C
    Narancia (Campaign 4) Diavolo A
    Narancia (Campaign 4) Jonathan D
    Gyro (Campaign 4) Gyro D
    Ikuro (Campaign 5) Ikuro A
    Ikuro (Campaign 5) Ikuro B
    Esidisi (Campaign 5) Joseph E
    Esidisi (Campaign 5) Jonathan E
    Noriaki (Campaign 5) Noriaki A
    Noriaki (Campaign 5) Old Joseph B
    Akira (Campaign 5) Akira A
    Akira (Campaign 5) Kosaku B
    Mista (Campaign 5) Giorno D
    Mista (Campaign 5) Rohan E
    Diavolo (Campaign 5) Diavolo B
    Pucchi (Campaign 5) Pucchi A
    Pucchi (Campaign 5) Jolyne F
    Josuke 8 (Campaign 5) Josuke 8 C
    Josuke 8 (Campaign 5) Josuke 4 E

    Contributed by: Rellni944 

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