Rumors about next week mission - Tower of Yellow Dragon

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Looks like we will have the thunder dragon after the flame and water dragon, 

Compare to Wales and Prothero, thunder dragon's HP and defence are in between the two. Its HP is about 35% of Wales and its defence is a lot less than Prothero. You can always bring a defence ruin to maximize your attack output.

Its atk is about 1.7 times more than Wales and it's 2 CD. Its skills are unknown for the moment.

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And as usual, the mission would be tricolor like the blue and red dragon.


And FYI, the holy and dark dragon would also be a tricolor missions, but instead of flame, water and thunder, it will be a mix of dark/holy + 2 other elements.

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What I do like most about these new dragons is that the CD of their skill is 4 only at max level. Makes them inevitable team members at various missions - as long as you can bear their excessive cost.

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Looks like JD has skipped the yellow dragon mission and go straight to holy dragon. Interesting.

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No fire or light.  That does make for a rather interesting setup.


So all we get are water, thunder, and dark diamonds (and hearts of course).  I wonder - would going super offensive work, or would we need to sac the leader slot for holy defense (usually, meaning to bring a holy card for 50% reduction to holy damage).

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Looks like JD has skipped the yellow dragon mission and go straight to holy dragon. Interesting.



Are you sure? It does say "Light Lair", but Golden Dragon refers to a Thunder card imo. Without fire diamonds it will become even more difficult to beat it then. My guess is that a combination of Thunder Naga as leader with Anna follower plus thunder, water, dark attack cards and a further defense reduction one might work well on this one.

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Some little tidbits from what I did so far: Level 1, 2, and 3:

-All light (holy) enemies, no trolls yet
-Seems easier than the Ice Lair quest so far
-Level 2 had a holy dragon midboss, and a trio of charybdis for stage 9
-Level 3's stage 5 has a pair of wild sleepnir, stage 9 has a charybdis with the usual 1 time resurrection and dark seal
-The boss hits farily light, but can double attack and seal cards.  Level 3 had about 3 million+ HP

I did use a Saintess++ as a leader solely for the holy damage reduction, and it paid off.  Used a Morgana ally for massive dark damage spikes.

Update: Cleared top level.  Used a double anna setup with all attack cards save 1 slot for Erinyes.  Basically, stall at stage 2 to get skills available for stage 5.  Doing X4 damage all the time and a healthy HP buffer got me through.  Boss didn't seem to have anything that could hit hard, just a lot of HP to get through.

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Bumping because the Lightning Dragon's timed quest is up. It pretty much is what newbiee said it would be. Defense around 20-25k, and hits for about 16000 with CD2. It doesn't seem to have any skills.

Even with it's defense since it's a tricolor quest, a high ATK team can still get away without using Defensive Ruin I believe. Pestilence is another alternative (though boring). I was able to clear top level using Alice/Naga as leader and ally, and Pastor Carl for Pestilence against the boss. With that setup, the boss only hits for around 4000 - much more manageable.

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@Morrigan: Haven't confirmed all the skill yet, but one of it is an attack that will cause 19512 damage (Top level). Another one I saw from other posts is a skill that sealed up "all: fire elements to 5 rounds.

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That's strange because I should have faced it at some point. Since I used the Pestilence strategy, over 100+ rounds I should have come across it at least once (if not all of his skills).

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@Morrigan: Yeah, personally I never seen the boss attack. I've always killed it before it start attack, and I don't wanna waste 50 energy to see its skill. But according to CN forum, the boss has a 50% chance of using that skill when its HP is below 50%,