Jewel Dragon Por Guider: Tuesday New Quest Walk through: Ragnarok

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I have noted several weeks ago about this new quest

Time to farm new material and upgrade your rarity 6 card!

Here's the link to my blog:

Post any question u have :D Good luck! Get new material and new card!! (carefully decide if you want to evolve)

PS:On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we will have new quest as well. I will make walk through on them if I get time.

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Thanks Ario.  FYI to all lookin gfor the drops.  This quest will give you Dark and Holy Bolla's in round 4 but only one per run will show up at random.  The final round gives either Thunder, Water or Flame Bolla's also one per quest at random.


I also noticed the drop rate is pretty low.  It took me about 30 tries to get a water bolla although I got 5 Flame, 5 Holy and 4 Dark Bolla's in those same 30 tries.

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I wanted to share my party for this quest. 

Ciguapa - 5* lvl 50 as leader




Jiaolong+ or Erinyes+

Borrow 30+ lvl Ciguapa+ or Jotunn++


2 golems plus banshee kills round 4 boss in about 10 rounds and the round 5 boss in about 25 rounds.  Its a very quick method for clearing the quest.  You can still beat with having no banshee and even just 1 golem or banshee but it will take well over 100 turns so you just need to stay alive with your healers.


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Hi Bshirt,


Where do you get the golems?

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Spirit in the cloud, it is a special time limited quest and will appear in some holidays

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I played Ragnarok today and I have no Drude, Golem oder Leanashe.


My tactics was: Healer, Banshee and Soldiers Skill (Yahsa, Ecantado, Cacus).


My team:

Jotuun++ (or another healer with high RCR)


Follower: Encantato+

Rest of team isn't important. You only have to pass the first three stages. 


Stage 4: Dark or light bolla hits every 3 rounds. That means: The RCR of you healer has to be higher than 40% (Encantado) oder 70% of your HP if you don't like to use hearts.


Example: My Jotuun++ has RCR 552. She recovers 300% per round = 1656. In three rounds: 4968. With Yasha the max. HP of my troup is 7097. With Encantado+ 12420.


I poisoned the Bollas, so I had to play over 200 rounds. I only made one 3 gem combo per round. That's fast. 


Stage 5: Flame, Water or Thunder Bolla hits every 5 rounds. So you only have to play the same tactics as on Stage 4. Stage 4 is the critical. 


In summary Ragnarok is easy with the right team. 


If you have a team with not very good cards, think about the Combination Healer, Banshee and Soldier Skill for special quests. 

Try to get and evolve your Healer (Jotuun is the best), Banshee and Yasha. If you have two Yasha, that's great. One Yasha should be maximized and one sould be a level 1 Yasha. That's better for some quests. 

I'm actually working on evolving my Banshee+ to Banshee++. I think that will be great.

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nice, but the question is where can i get yasha? beside using gold summon.