Help me to pass Targaryen (III) please :)

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Hi guys, I'd like to try the third level of Targaryen but i'm afraid to fail. I don't want to waste time and especially energy ^^ So I hope you could help me to build the best team possible with monsters I possess to pass this stage with success ... :) I'm lvl 92 and got 105 max cost. Here are my cards ... I'm really waiting for all critics, tips and advices you could give to me my friends ;)  Uploaded with Uploaded with Thanks all ... Minie
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You have great cards, so you can try. A guarantee you defeat Targaryen doesn't exist.

On the other side you have Targaryen in your team, level 3 is only for your honor and one gem.

You can try a team with

Jotuun as leader, Jialong, three violet cards and a violet follower.

Or you take Encantado as follower.

The problem is: Targaryen hits every round.

You have to decide: Is a defensive team better than one with great ATK.

Jotuun with five violet cards and a 200% violet follower for example has great ATK.

A list of enemies you find on Jewel Dragon Wiki.

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Thx for your advices :) I'll try tonight ! But i'll probably put my golem as leader and ario's jotunn++ as follower. And you're right, it´s especially for honor I want to pass it, but also to get cards for skill enhancement ^^