Great 3 and 4 star cards

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Hi all, there seems to be some great advice on this forum and I thought I'd share my experience here as well. I have never bought gems nor gotten any 5 star cards from summoning but was able to still complete 25-5 at level 68. Ever since I discovered these 3 and 4 star cards I have stopped using any and all dragons. The damage, HP, and recovery output of these cards in combinations give me greater net stats than a group of equivalently leveled 5 star dragons. The skill choices are great as well. The experience cost for the level 50 max cards are much lower and thus exponentially easier to level up than dragons. For example, Myrmecoleon+ and Yasha+ at lvl 50 requires only 175902 exp but both provide 1000+ attack! Finally, if you have good low level cards, that frees up summoning points so should you get a good 6 star card (or maybe even two!), you will be able to use it a lot earlier. 3 star Extreme ATK cards (max level 50) (8 cost): Ifrit+, Agloolik+, Myrmecoleon+, Centaur+, Jack-In-Irons+ (cards 104-113) 3 star High HP cards (max level 70) (9 cost): Impundulu+, Asiman+, Askefrue+ (cards 78-83) 4 star ATK & DEF cards (max level 70) (9 cost, Ala+ 10 cost): Kelpie+, Odei+, Ala+ (cards 94-95, 98-101) 4 star High HP and ATK card (max level 50) (10 cost): Yasha+ (cards 96-97) 4 star RCR and skills cards (max level 70) (cards 124-125, 132-133) Erinyes+, Banshee+ for their freeze 3 rounds and 2%HP for 10 round poison skills 4 star Healing RCR and healing skills cards - these cards do not really shine much until 5 star when recover is 300%... (max level 70) (cards 126-131) Jotunn+, Thor+, Charybdis+ (I have not tried the 5 star versions of these cards, but read from Ario that Jotunn++ has the best stats) Edit: Jotunn++ is amazing is is a must have! :D :D :D With combinations of these cards, I have been able to fairly handily get to game stage 23 without breaking much of a sweat. Things seem to get a bit tougher from there on.
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Hi, are you able to complete Time Limited Quests I, II, III easily with those cards?
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Limited quests I is always not a problem. Most limited II quests are just fine as long as you know what to expect from each level (ones without hearts are a bit tough tough). Without good heal or 60% hp reduction dmg cards limited III quests are a bit too tough for having only these cards.
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Great notes. 

To answer your question: When u could beat lvl I and II, eventually u could get a some 5 ,6rarity cards

Then u could try lvl III :3

For example, u get bahamut, borrow high lvl Lahair from friend, maybe then u can try Garuda Lvl III, and level II will be much easier


Lvl II quests can ne done with the cards listed above with no problem

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How did you beat Spade J II? I also havent really good cards: Askefure+ 25, Jotunn+ 41, Erinyes+ 6, Priestess+ 1, Odei+ 31, the Dragons between 22-62 highest Fiercd The most lvl II Quests was no problem, Garuda II quiet hard but with right team and strategy possible. I tried 4-5 times but didnt made it, but with a borrowed Yasha i cleard it first time. With my second time i cleard it i got my goldbox with 6Star lvl 5 Garuda. Thats my only 6 star card right now. At Spade J II i had problem with round 9 died at 3 trys there and my last try at Boss Stage!? You have any advice, teambuild to clear it?
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Spade J II team Build:

Garuda Leader: lvl around 30-max , or take a 200% fire leader if u think u could achieve high combo frequently

Eyrines+, high lvl skill preferred

Bahamut, lvl 30+ , or replace with initial fire dragon 5 star, lvl 30-max+, with Kelpie+ or max lvl Lfrit+

Golem or any other with cursed atk

Another Leader from followers: High level Jotunn++


Without Golem+ will be a very tough fight.

Final Boss deals 7400 damage per 2 round with damage reduction

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Spade J II team Build


Garuda lvl 30+ , leader

Bahamut*2 lvl 30+, or replace with other strong fire cards

Golem+ or any with Cursed ATk


Another leader : Jotunn++ with high lvl


Final Stage damage: 7400 damage per 2 round with Garduda leader skill that reduce 30% thunder damage
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Thx, like i thought without Golem or Bahamut not possible for me then. I did it to final stage but only had 7100hp and my damage was to low. Maybe i get lucky again and get a Bahamut when its back. So now i lvl a bit up my Erinyes, Priestess i just evolved!
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Hello pete im not suggesting u invest money and exp on priestness+ because her skill deals fixed amount of damage 3000, kind useless. Kelpie would be a good choice for u in building fire team

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ah ok, thx. I will try to get a Bahamut when its back...