A little bit info about Merry Chrismas new RARITY 5 cards (ugrade from rarity 4)

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I am not 100% sure about what will the new card look like

But pretty sure it will be a great news for most players without ciguapa and cervo+ :DD

Here's a link to Upgraded Jotunn. U sure will love her, beat CERVO!!!!!


Leader Skill: Recover 300% HP of total RCR per round.

Skill: Flame change! Best healing skill all the time (stupid cervo at this time :DDDD)

Other cards are similar: 300% RCR recovery, same skill I guess

Dont sell ur Jotunn :DDDDD

happy gaming

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Hey Ario, I saw people getting the Jotunn (5 star card) from summons, but I cannot upgrade my 4 star to 5 star. Does that mean that Jotunn++ cards are only avalable through summon only? Can players in the Chinese server upgrade their 4 star Jotunn?
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Chinese server is the same situation.

On the other hand, if Jotunn++ is available to everyone, then those who spent a lot money getting Ciguapa and Cervo would be worthless as well.

I am not sure at this point. Anyway half pirce gems and guaranteed 11 summon is very nice to me. 


I really donno, GM wouldnt disclose that to me :(  I feel sry for many waiting for this and max Jotunn lvl

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What you say makes sense. Ciguapa and Cervo would become worthless because Jotunn++ is so much better.

I just wished they used a different graphic and called it something else. Its confusing otherwise :roll:

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Hi, i have a Joutun+ still not max. yet, but i need to know where i can get the materials for upgrading it? Here a screenshot of the evolve section:
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The second question mark is Card Water Bolla

Available from NEW TUESDAY MATERIAL QUEST. (Final boss, whether its water or fire or thunder is random and not guaranteed drop)

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ahh ok thx, and the Holy Chomper is also available at this quest?
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Yes, the Giant Tribe II final boss will drop.


Its not a easy quest, but the drop rate of holy chomper is about 100%