This smells like X-COM looks like X-COM and plays like X-COM....But it is not X-COM.

I am and always will be a huge fan of turn based games. They allow for greater planing that a real time game can not realy allow. Games like X-COM which even back in the day did not look great but the sense fear and the suspense that the game puts you through even when your doing a small mission.

UFO: Aftershock Sort of gets all these elements right but you can tell that something is not right. It does not seem to play or feel the same as the old X-COM games from the past did.

The funny thing is UFO: Aftershock is not that bad a game...it can be alot of fun at times buliding your bases up getting a team together and researching new alien tech and tech of your own to carry on the fight. Having said that it is still missing something but i do not know what it is.

To be honest the old X-COM games are just that old....but they are still fun to play they are still after all these years better than UFO: Aftershock and its other two games.

Go out and look for the X-COM games have fun with them and maybe if there is a demo for UFO: Aftershock check it out. You may not agree with me which is fine but atleast just both games a fair chance before making your mind up.