An exciting and immersing sci-fi adventure for all ages.

User Rating: 9.5 | Star Twins N64
JFG provides hours of exciting gameplay and may very well be one of the best games released on the N64. If there is any title which deserves a remake on the current consoles, this is it.

Your three playable characters, Juno, Lupus and Vela travel to an alien world to free the Tribals from enslavement by an evil insect race. You'll collect a large assortment of weapons and power-ups and face numerous types of enemies as you fulfill your mission, using each of the three playable characters as they're unlocked, to complete portions of the game.

The graphics are very well done for the N64, though they may be slightly cartoony, but in a dark sort of way. The sound effects are slightly lacking in quality, but they are overshadowed by the intense and addictive gameplay. Plenty of action and some wondrous looking environments give JFG a kind of Star Wars feel combined with terrific multiplayer action.

This one is definitely worth checking out.