"Hitman : Contracts" Great Game all round

This is the second Hitman game I have played, and the first I have reviewed. This is definitely the better of the two my other experience in the series has been Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. Starting off with some knowledge of the series I was still impressed how far the game had come. The opening levels can be annoying although much easier than the later levels although they all show the same theme. Anyone who has played the original Hitman: Codename 47 game will recognize many of the later levels and will perhaps be able to implement old tactics. Although the AI still needs improvement the distance between the second and third games is enormous. There are still blatant flaws in the game such as the reoccuring NPC's that all look alike. But the style and class of game-play makes up for these imperfections and maybe a little extra. Like the previous games im the series has excelent replay value with numerous ways to complete each mission with weapons to collect as well. If I did not already have this game I would go out tomorrow and buy it.