It makes me die inside......

User Rating: 2 | Jenga World Tour DS
This game is soooo bad, its not even funny....I just hated it. The game jenga was never fun at all, so some guy goes and tries to make it better by creating this trash. The controls are buggy, the entire point of the game is such a waste of time...who makes a world tour over unusually placed wooden blocks, and then just pull them out like theres no tomorow!!
I reccomend you buy something worth your time like Legend of Zelda:Phantom hourglass, Cooking mama, or Wario ware, all for the DS!
These games are much, MUCH better than always makes me think and ask myself, "Why would someone make or play this game?"
Just absolutely bad. If you like Jenga yours seriously weird.(no offense,although the offense inevitably follows) Save your money, go treat yourself to a movie, buy some food, do stuff that doesn't involve Jenga....