I love this game!

Every single level is great. Although it can be hard at times when you figure it out you're like "Duh." If you are a Lord of the Rings fan you should definitely play this game. You get to fight alongside Beorn (bear form), battle goblins, get the dwarves out of their troubles, slay the spiders in Mirkwood, face the Necromancer' minions, sneaking past the elves in their fortress, help the hobbits do their chores, and stealing from Smaug's hoard. Pick locks, and solve puzzles in the game. It has good game-play and using the ring is fun. The animation is great and playing as Bilbo in the game is awesome. It follows almost exactly the same story as the book. The trolls are really funny and Gandalf is really cool. My favorite part in the game is battling in the battle of five armies. Also, the cut-scenes are really good and in overall this game is "Just plain fun."