Read my review, lazy bums!

This is one of the best PSP shooters you can get. This gets Battlefront fans ready for Battlefront III coming soon in the near future for all the consoles, including the beepin' WII =) With the last game being a peice of crap people thought this game wouldn't be much different. It's a crap load to compare and contrast. You can customize every aspect of your player. The online play runs pretty well if you're near a Wifi area. (Most Mcdonalds have Wifi if you don't at home). The pros and cons of online play is sometimes when you're playing on a created server and they have a weak signal it comes back and messes with the other players connection strong, weak, or anything. I have a strong signal most of the time. If you want to play me, my username is amagikman and sometimes I host my own game free for everyone to come and sometimes I join dedicated servers and even playing on other players servers. I'm all over the place.

Thanks for reading,
Wickey6 (Amagikman)