Marcus Fenix is back and sawing the horde in half once more!

Single Player:
The single player campaign of Gears of War 2 is a great, sophisticated, satisfying storyline. It has its ups and downs, such as constantly and repeatedly having to protect and secure your little robotic friend, Jack, numerous times so he can hack into a network, open a door, and other numerous tasks that you must protect him from the locust horde. But, on the contrary, the of Gears 2's storyline is great. In one level youre inside of a giant WORM! You also get to drive some quite amusing vehicles, such as a centaur tank, a reaver, and the best of all, a brumak. You also get to go to diffirent locations from Gears 1. You get to be in an Assault Rig with your hillbilly pal, Dizzy. So in the campaign, from a Rig with a cowboy, to the center of Nexus. Gears 2's campaign, is great.

Gears of War 2's multiplayer is revolutionary, it has many great modes, excecution, wingman, annex, and a couple new modes such as substitute and Horde. In horde your objective is to kill locust computer enemies in waves of the locust horde, teamwork in this mode is essential. Especially after wave ten, that is when you start dealing with bloodmounts and maulers and all diffirent dangerous enemies, its a great mode, but is much better when played online. Substitute is Gears of War 2 style CTF, instead of a flag, you capture a computer substitute that will defend himself, your objective is to down him and then retrieve him to your base. To sum it all up in this category, Gears of War 2's multiplayer is excellent and is definitely the best out there.

Gears of War 2's gameplay and handling controls is top notch. It allows you to do all sorts of diffirent things that you probably havent seen in other shooters, such as the active reload for instance. This feature even makes reloading a challenge within the game. When youre outta ammo and need to relaod, you press the reload button, and then under the gun and ammo display you'll see a little line moving across a bar, with this you need to wait until the line is on the white or gray part of the black bar, then you rapidly press the reload button again and volia, you have managed the active reload,and have probably noticed noticed your ammo is flashing, then you have hit the white part of the bar and gained a power bonus. But aside from the active reload, Gears 2 also has other things such as blindfire, or taking even a humanshield. The controls in Gears 2 is well sophisticated just as well as the first.

The gameplay in Gears is excellent, action-packed and explosive. Not only are the graphics great, but the game itself is an entirely diffirent spawn of a shooter. Gears of War 1 and 2 also goes great with the third-person view as well. A neat feature, and easily the most recognizable in the series, is the lancer assault rifle. With its chainsaw bayonet idea, its a very useful weapon, and a strange, yet awesome idea. The gameplay of Gears 2, is unmatched.

The last category of my review, the graphics of Gears of War are jaw dropping. The character effects and movements are incredibly life-like, everything in the game is highly, and beautifully detailed to the max. Although there are better graphicated games out there, Gears 2 still holds a great position for having excellent graphics.

The bottom line:
Buy it.