Almost Perfect!

Lost Odyssey takes the old school JRPG style that a lot of people love, and throws a little zest on top.

You start out as Kaim, a invincible human who has lived for a thousand years, endured extreme hardship, but has lost all of his memories.

This game got me hooked from the first cut-scene, and I knew I was in for a great game. Amazing visuals, excellent score, and that classic JRPG fighting style that I just can't get enough of, with a little originality.

The story is extremely compelling and you really get attached to the characters, their gains, their losses. Also, every once in a while, you trigger a dream. Dreams (if you choose not to skip them) are pretty much text based short stories of past memories that your characters are exposed to. Which is full of excellent writing, that almost draws you in as much as the game itself!

Now the only downfall I seemed to point out in this almost perfect game, was that the story seems to drag on a bit towards the end. You seem to be running around in circles for awhile before you get anywhere. After that has past (Middle of the 4th disk), things start to pick up again, and your back into a very addicting and compelling storyline.

This game is definitely going down in my top 5 RPG list, as it will become a classic that I will recommend to everyone.