start with more money

#1 Posted by jcknapier711 (470 posts) -
With only 40,000$ you can only hire maybe two mercs, which is sort of lame. So, I'm wondering if there's a way to cheat yourself 100,000$ to start.
#2 Posted by beer-beer-beer (20 posts) -

hey there yes there is a way to start with more money it a program called cheat engine

it works on a few games watch this video it has all the info you need

it shows how to use the program on empire total war but it works the same on BIA

#3 Posted by nicecall (527 posts) -

I also use cheat engine a lot, its great in this game, also you can use it to modify your mercs stats making even the crappy ones badass. I know its cheating but its fun being able to use the less useful mercs for a change.