Jagged Alliance: Back in Action Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Secure Drassen Airport Getting started
    Kill a total of 1000 enemies Bodycount
    Kill an enemy with a melee attack Jack the Ripper
    Kill 100 enemies with melee attacks This guy likes slasher movies
    Kill an enemy with a frag grenade Things that go BOOM
    Use either smoke, stun, frag and teargas grenades at least once Grenade variety
    Throw 100 grenades Throwing arm
    Destroy a tank with the rocket launcher Infantry ftw!
    Fire a total of 5000 bullets Bullet Hell
    Use explosives to blast a hole into a wall Where there's a will
    Blast through 100 walls Blast corps
    Plant a mine Front towards enemy
    Defuse a mine It's always the red one
    Kill an enemy with a mine you planted Explosive trap
    Plant 100 mines It's a trap!
    Restore 1000 health Field Doctor
    Rescue a merc from dying You're not dead yet!
    Restore 1000 durability on weapons Field Mechanic
    A single merc received over 100 damage in a single encounter without dying Undying
    Hire a total of 6 mercs Squad Leader
    Loot over 1000$ across several playthroughs Scavenger
    Loot over 100000$ across several playthroughs Who needs not a penny...
    Pick 10 locks Garret would be proud
    Open 10 doors with the crowbar Gordon never does this
    Recruit a local for the militia Just point and shoot!
    Liberate Meduna City Nearly there
    Liberate Alma City Mines and military
    Liberate Cambria City Higher education
    Liberate Grumm City The local industry
    Liberate Balime City A museum
    Liberate San Mona Adults only
    Kill Deidranna She's dead, Enrico
    Miguel Cordona becomes king Hail to the king!
    Stop Dr. Pippin's evil scheme The evil scientist
    Help Fatima and her children For the children
    Help Richie "The Wizard" Parker find a limited edition of DaHonko Flakes! DaHonko Flakes
    Recruit Miguel Lead the leader
    Recruit Carlos Bloodcat extinction
    Recruit Ira Gaining trust
    Recruit Dimitri I don't like the drugs
    Recruit Devin Huge explosions
    Recruit Hamous Get off my beach!
    Recruit Shank Don't let me rot here
    Recruit Iggy Mother Russia
    Recruit Dr. Vince All your SAM are belong to us
    Recruit Conrad Military madness
    Recruit Maddog A little crazy
    Buy goods for 1,000,000$ in the online shop Oniomania
    Kill Deidranna within 15 days Blitz rebellion
    Recruit 100 locals for the militia across several playthroughs Rebel army

    Contributed by: Guard Master